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Price List 

Multi-color Design Bead (no contents)- $20

Solid Color Cremation/Sand Bead- $20

Multi-color Design Cremation/Sand Bead- $25

Solid Color Breast Milk Bead- $30

Multi-color Design Breast Milk Bead- $35

Necklace set ( one cremation design bead in the center

 with 2 plain beads on each side and one in the back for a clasp)- $50

Specialty Piece, Flowers, Pendants, Etc.(no contents)- $50

Specialty Piece with Cremations/Sand- $60

Specialty Piece with Breast Milk- $70

Light Up Base $10

Silver Plated Bracelet & Necklace Chain $10

Sterling Silver Necklace Chain $15

Single Color Bead Encased in Clear$10

Single Color Cremation Bead $20

Multicolored Design Bead $20

Multicolored Cremation Design Bead $25

Glass Display Piece (animal,flower, exc.) $45

Glass Display Piece with Cremation $50