How It Works

To create these beads of a lifetime I use a propane and oxygen combination torch. I only use soft glass rods of your color choice. With my torch, I melt the glass rods to a molten liquid and physically spin the glass on a mandrel to form a bead. The cremation ash is added and then encased with a crystal clear rod to protect the ash within. It is then cooled in a kiln over night. We need very little cremation, about a teaspoon is needed.  The completed glass piece will be shipped 2-4 weeks after we receive the cremations. Free collection kits can also be provided for the cremations if need be. We offer many different colors and two different design beads along with beautiful display pieces.

The Necklace

This necklace is a very special glass piece. I hold this close to my heart every day in remembrance of my mother, Bethanny. It also represents the three different cremation beads we have to offer. The first one is a single colored bead with cremations encased in clear glass. The second is our unique heart design bead used with multiple colors with cremations within and encased in clear glass. Last but not least, the propeller design bead that Chase has created that resembles an air plane propeller. This bead also has multiple colors and is created with cremations along with the clear encasing. This specific necklace is used with a bright cobalt blue and a light blue glass.

Custom Glass Infused Breast Milk Bead

Beads of a Lifetime is proud to present the glass infused breast milk bead! Get a custom glass bead with your own breast milk encased in the glass and always remember the precious bond between you and your child. (the tiny white bubbles you see are the breast milk contents)

The Custom Sand Infused Bead

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Maybe a beach you got married on or a place that you just cherish. Beads of a Lifetime can take your favorite place and create it into a beautiful bead or even a display piece that you can cherish forever. You could have a whole necklace of all the different places you love.

Display Pieces 

Custom glass display pieces are very unique and intricate pieces. They take about 45 minutes to an hour to create, then will bake in a kiln over night. We offer various pieces such as flowers, animals, pendants, etc. We are always open to new ideas. If there is something special you would like created we would be more than happy to create something beautiful and unique for you.